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Our college Counseling Cell is active and aims at solving the problems of students and staff in relation to Anxiety, Stress and other psychological disorders. This cell addresses the psychological problems of young adult students and also suggests suitable measures to solve the problems. Today’s younggeneration faces many challenges about studies and jobs. Excessive stress leads to many psychological disorders.

To address these issues and face challenges of the present age, Counseling Cell has undertaken many activities. A qualified Counselor is appointed by the college who remains present in college campus on Thursday from 11a.m. to 1 p.m. There is a dedicated room for the counseling activities.

What is counseling: - Counseling is a process between a Counselor and client [individual] that helps the individual to change the behavior and adapt to situations in life. This leads to more positive behavior and satisfactory behavior change in individual. It is one to one communication which is kept very confidential. Also it is part of student support activity so there are no charges students have to incur for the counseling. The counselor give appointment to student client and follow-up is also conducted if it is necessary.

Before beginning of every academic year an orientation is conducted with all first year students about the activities of the counseling cell.


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