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Courses Taught
First Year B.Sc.IT (from 2011-12 and onwards)
Semester - I Semester - II
Professional Communication Skills Web Designing and Programming
Applied Mathematics – I Applied Mathematics – II
Fundamentals of Information Technology Microprocessor and Microcontrollers
Electronics and Communication Technology DBMS
Introduction to C++ Programming Data Communication and Networking Standards
Second Year B.Sc.IT (from 2012-13 and onwards)
Semester - III Semester - IV
LDMS Software Engineering
Computer Graphics Multimedia
Advanced SQL Data Structures with Java
Object Oriented Programming with C++ Embedded Systems
Modern Operating Systems Quantitative Techniques
Third Year B.Sc.IT (from 2012-13)
Semester - V Semester - VI
Network Security Internet Technology*
C# with ASP.NET* Project Management
Software Testing IPR and CyberLAWS
Advanced Java* Data warehousing*
Artificial inteligence , Linux Administration Project

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