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God has gifted a wonderful thing called brain to human beings. With this wonderful thing, human beings created many new things and developed new ideas. The result of this creativity is new inventions, scientific innovation and many new products. In today's competitive world it has become essential to safeguard our traditional knowledge and innovative ideas. The new ideas or inventions are recognized as Intellectual property. There is always danger of copying or misusing the knowledge or new ideas. In order to protect the intellectual property of individuals various laws are passed. Intellectual Property is an umbrella term which encompasses many concepts such as Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, and Geographical Indications etc. But it has been observed that people are not aware of importance of these essential rights. In every sector and in every part of life these rights are very much essential. To create awareness about the intellectual property rights, our college has organised two workshops in this academic year 2018-19.

1]Intellectual property Rights I : 2nd April 2019


A workshop was organised on 2ndApril 2019 to create general awareness about Intellectual Property Rights and its importance in our daily life. The speaker of this workshop was Mrs.AnuradhaMaheshwari, founder and partner of Lex Mantis, a legal firm. Mrs.Anuradha Maheshwari has vast experience of legal practice in the area of Intellectual Property Rights and patent filing. The workshop was titled as "An Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights". She narrated the history and origin of Copyrights and Patenting. She gave introductionon all concepts which come under IPR, which include Patents, Copyrights, Geographical Indications, Industrial Designs and Trademarks. She explained every concept with examples and case studies. Ms Maheshwari explained the laws to protect IPR and measures to safeguard these rights. This workshop was very informative . It also led to increase in knowledge of staff and students.

2] Intellectual property Rights II : 16th April 2019

Speaker:Ms. SumanKalani

A workshop was organised on 16th April 2019 to create awareness about the very essential aspect of Intellectual Property Rights , "Trademarks". The title of the workshop was "Trademark: Success Mantra of Business". The resource person of this workshop was Ms. SumanKalani, faculty of Pravin Gandhi College of Law, Vileparle. Ms. Kalani conducted this workshop on very important concept Trademarks in very innovative manner. She used audience centric method and organised quiz, role plays and power point presentation method to make her lecture more informative. She explained the definition of Trademarks and its history. She has shown many images and explained the concepts with the help of case studies. She narrated the battles won by the companies in court on the Trademark cases . This workshop was very informative and it led to increase in knowledge of the students and faculties who attended this workshop


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